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        • Product Name: Adaptors
        • Number: 01.05.02
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        Item No. Specification
        ADA001 1-1/4" UNC MALE TO 1/2"BSP FEMALE
        ADA002 1-1/4" UNC FEMALE TO 1/2"BSP FEMALE
        ADA003 1-1/4" UNC MALE TO 1/2"BSP MALE
        ADA004 1-1/4" UNC FEMALE TO 1/2"BSP MALE
        ADA005 1-1/4" UNC FEMALE TO 5/8"-11 MALE
        ADA006 1-1/4" UNC FEMALE TO CRI-28
        ADA007 1-1/4" UNC MALE TO CRI-28
        ADA008 1/2"BSP FEMALE TO CRI-28
        ADA009 1/2"BSP MALE TO CRI-28
        ADA010 CRI-28 TO 1-1/4" UNC FEMALE
        ADA011 CRI-28 TO 1-1/4" UNC MALE
        ADA012 CRI-28 TO 1/2"BSP FEMALE
        ADA013 CRI-28 TO 1/2"BSP MALE


        Convenient fast change between core drill machines with different adaptors.
        Other sizes can be provided upon request.