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        • Product Name: Extensions
        • Number: 01.05.01
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        Item No. Thread Effective Length
        EXT001 1-1/4"UNC 100mm
        EXT002 1-1/4"UNC 200mm
        EXT003 1-1/4"UNC 250mm
        EXT004 1-1/4"UNC 300mm
        EXT005 1-1/4"UNC 350mm
        EXT006 1-1/4"UNC 400mm
        EXT007 1-1/4"UNC 450mm
        EXT008 1-1/4"UNC 500mm
        EXT009 1/2"BSP 100mm
        EXT010 1/2"BSP 200mm
        EXT011 1/2"BSP 250mm
        EXT012 1/2"BSP 300mm
        EXT013 1/2"BSP 350mm
        EXT014 1/2"BSP 400mm
        EXT015 1/2"BSP 450mm
        EXT016 1/2"BSP 500mm
        EXT017 CRI-28 250mm
        EXT018 CRI-28 500mm

        "Convenient fast assembling for diamond core drills to drill deeper in concrete or masonry."
        Other sizes can be provided upon request.