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        • Product Name: Stone Core Barrel
        • Number: 01.04.01
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        Item No. Outer Diameter Thickness Effective Length Adaptor
        SCB019 17.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB020 18.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB025 23.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB030 28.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB035 33.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB040 38.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB045 43.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB050 48.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB053 51.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB060 58.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB065 63.5mm 1.4mm 30mm M12
        SCB070 68.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB075 73.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB080 78.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB085 83.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB090 88.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB100 98.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB108 106.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB110 108.5mm 1.5mm 30mm M12
        SCB120 118.5mm 1.8mm 30mm M12
        SCB130 128.5mm 1.8mm 30mm M12
        SCB150 148.5mm 1.8mm 30mm M12
        SCB158 156.5mm 1.8mm 30mm M12
        SCB165 163.5mm 1.8mm 30mm M12


        Note: The length and thread can be provided upon request.

        Application: Be fit for stone use core bits.